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Jenna Lyons Explains How She Pre-Mixed Clothes for You

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J.Crew's fall 2014 presentation went off without a hitch nearly two weeks ago and was well received by the fashion community. Still, there's always room for a behind-the-scenes break-down by those closest to the collection, especially one that features the hypnotizing voice-over of Jenna Lyons. The presie and creative director explains, "If you're already familiar with J.Crew you know we like to pair sparkle with tweed. This year, we put it all in one garment. It's a pre-mix."

Besides taking the guesswork out of getting that authentic J.Crew flavor, the video touches on nerding up denim, mixing tweed and neoprene to make weird shapes and personalizing sport for you. There are also several close-ups of the Sophia Webster footwear at the presentation. Take a look below.
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