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At Last: Checking Out SJP IRL (With Sarah Jessica Parker!)

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Nordstrom held a press shopping event (and a Sarah Jessica Parker meet and greet) at their New York City pop-up shop yesterday, offering the chance to finally scope out the retailer's exclusive SJP line in the flesh (or satin, suede, or patent leather).

Parker told us that the collection is for "everybody. We have shoes of all heights and colors. We have a more bold color and we have a far more polite color. This was very much intended as a cross generational collection... There's a huge group of women I feel sort of indebted to, that have given me a lot of their time for many, many years." Unlike most attempts at serving "everybody," shoes from the collection could, really and truly, be worn to prom or a wedding or out Saturday night or Tuesday in the office.

Beyond the footwear, there is a selection of bags and a trench coat (called the Manhattan) available in two colors. After the jump, more of what Parker had to say about SJP and a closer look at the girly collection.

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