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Tom Ford Hates Dressing Celebrities for the Red Carpet

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Tom Ford, revered designer and keeper of the Jay Z's respect, stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday night for a riveting discussion of commercial vs. artistic fashion, his latest collection and, most interestingly, his thoughts on Oscars fashion.

Regarding the latter subject, Ford explained to Kimmel, "I don't really love the process. It's not a creative process usually, dressing actresses for the Oscars. Because, you know, when you're designing you're able to kind of figure out what you believe in and what you think the world needs right now, and what women need right now. You're literally a voice in contemporary culture with what you design." So what Ford thinks women need right now are $6,500 bedazzled Jay Z T-shirts that are knock-offs of a knock off. Culturally relevant? Yes, definitely.

He continued, "What's worn on the red carpet has nothing to do with what's going on in contemporary fashion. It's really a kind of bubble of 1950s Barbie clothes. It's quite different than what real people are really wearing." And by "real people," he means Beyoncé. For more on "Tom Ford" by Jay Z and Ford's runway shirt nod back to the rapper, check out part one of the interview below.

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