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Juicy Founders Pam & Gela: 'We're Taking Back the Tracksuit'

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First Juicy Couture, then Skaist-Taylor, now Pam & Gela. Designers Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor's are back to their terrycloth roots in their latest collection, but with era-appropriate updates. The laid back line is a departure from the edgier Skaist-Taylor project—which is on hold for the moment—with the LA-based duo getting back to what they, personally, love to wear: Sweats.

Neither were dressed in loungewear—but plenty of Hermes bracelets between the two—when we met at their New York showroom to check out their fall line and chat about their upcoming book, The Glitter Plan. How they're taking back the tracksuit, what it's like to work with your BFF for so many years, and why they want to open stores in under-the-radar locations after the jump.

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