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Spring Break: 14 Stellar Retailers That Offer Student Discounts

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It's the middle of March. For the educated youth of America, this signals that one week of the year when everyone leaves their dignity in their dorm rooms and heads out on spring break. For everyone else, it's a time to rotate wardrobes and consider going sans tights.

If you're one of those lucky college types that gets to hit the road for a week this month, let us help you get the most out of your break. Maybe you're packing for somewhere tropical, or you just got back and realized you left your favorite pair of jeans at home in Miami Beach. We've compiled a list of retailers who will honor your student status with discounts galore. All you need to cash in on the deals is a student I.D.—Erika Graham

· J.Crew: 15% off in stores only

· ASOS: 10% off in stores and online

· Koshka: 10% off online only

· Ann Taylor: 15% off full price purchases online and in stores

· Motel: 25% off full price purchases online only

· Missguided: 10% off online only

· Levi's: 15% off online only

· 10% off online only

· Dockers: 20% off online only

· Topshop: 10% off online (with valid Student Advantage card number) and in stores

· Club Monaco: 20% off online and in stores

· Banana Republic: 15% off in stores only

· Armani Exchange: 15% off in online only (with valid Student Advantage card number)

· Foot Locker: $10 off $50 or more in stores only

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