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Reformation Launches Crazy Affordable 'Bridal for Babes'

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Be still beating bridal hearts. Actual lookbook images are on the way.

Update March 26, 2014 at 10:00am: Reformation has informed us that the bridal launch has been delayed by one full day and the new site is down for the count. But like marriage, good things are worth waiting for? And like marriage, it's not the unexpected bumps in the road that matter but how you deal with them? And also like marriage, the bridal gown is the most important thing of all the things, obviously, so watch this space.

As previously reported, Reformation—a Racked Indie 38 member and go-to stop for sustainable clothes that are a little bit urban, a little bit free-spirited—has jumped into the wedding market with eight bridal styles in seven colorways. It launches tomorrow, March 26.

Ivory silk wedding dresses will range from $518 to $588 while flower-positive bridesmaids dresses range from $198 to $368, on par with the rest of the brand's price points. We call the line "crazy affordable" because the cheapest dress at the similarly bohemian Stone Fox Bride, for example, is $1,500 and even the majority of dresses at David's Bridal, inexpensive wedding emporium, run from $200 to $800.

The gowns also don't fall far from the main line in cut and style. As the press release reads, "We tweaked some of our best shapes and carefully picked the best fabrics to make, well, the best dresses." To help usher in the new line, a new site will also launch.
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