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NSFW: Tom Ford Launches Ecommerce With Nekkid Models

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Tom Ford debuted ecommerce this morning, peddling handbags, shoes and accessories for men and women with the help of stark nekkid models. Tom Ford's ads and imagery have always been hyper-sexualized, often getting banned in certain countries. The site just carries on with that concept. Perhaps the message is that if you're going to spend upwards of three grand on a basic bag, then that should be all you need/want to wear? That concept only applies to the ladies, however, because though there are plenty of menswear items to purchase, there's nary a naked menswear model. Right now the site only ships in the US and only offers same-day delivery in Manhattan. More advanced shipping will roll out in the near future. Until then, Europe, you guys are into nekkid right?
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