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Cameron Diaz Has Thoughts on Ladyscaping, Too

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Celebrities have a lot of thoughts on what the ladies should be doing with their hair down there (sorry for bringing this up again Gwyneth!), and Cameron Diaz is the latest to share her thoughts. Discussing her much discussed Body Book with Chelsea Handler Monday night, Cameron begged girls not to take the bush away forever (It might be important to point out that she was speaking in the context of "science," whereas Gwyneth was speaking in the context of red carpet butt-windows). Cameron explains:

Since we used to be covered in hair, and now we're not except for a few places, I figure there's a purpose for that hair. So I put some of the purposes for it and I also suggest that no matter how you enjoy grooming it throughout your life—whether it's shave it all off, wax it all off, put a bull's-eye, birthday cake, I don't care—just, girls, think about not taking it all off forever.
Watch the full clip above where they get into things like food, smoking and how to treat your hoo-ha right.
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