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Under Armour's Fall Line Was Inspired By Gym Selfies

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Fitness and Instagram are having a serious love affair: We've got #belfie queen Jen Selter blowing up in mainstream media, yogis making bank on the platform, and grandma Edna making a splash with her 97-year-old bicep curls.

Activewear megabrand Under Armour has also taken notice of fit chicks on IG, explaining to Racked at their fall press preview that they were inspired by gals snapping mirror shots in tiny sports bra-and-booty short combos. As such, UA is rolling out coordinating shorts and bra tops with the same merchandising mind usually reserved for lingerie and bikinis—"This is about as naked as you can get in public," explained a staffer.

Also up for fall are sweat bottoms with a built-in exposed underwear elastic ("Very Aaliyah"), barre-to-bar styles like moto jackets in tech-y fabrics, and a cool new technology called MagZip that should delight those on the slopes.

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