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Choose Your Own Ugly-Chic Sandal Adventure: 42 Pairs to Wear

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The ugly-chic sandal movement has grown bigger than all of us. What began innocently as a fashion-y reappropriation of the signature double strap Birkenstock style a summer or two back (sorry, J. Crew, you can't call that one) expanded to Adidas' slides spotted in lookbooks and during fashion week and ultimately this spring's Teva resurrection.

Designers high and low have taken note, putting their own spin on the aforementioned silhouettes (some so literal it's a wonder Birkenstock isn't suing Givenchy, really). We've rounded up a whopping 42 pairs of so-bad-they're-good sandals in the gallery above, including the originals and their, uh, spinoffs, from the Jeffrey Campbell and Sam Edelmans of the world on up to Marc Jacobs and Isabel Marant's interpretations of the look. Slip a pair on, give sexiness the middle finger for a moment, and prep for the most comfortable summer your tootsies have ever had.
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