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Eye Makeup and Glasses: Bobbi Brown's Clever Tips

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Makeup artist Bobbi Brown is diving deep into your eyes: She's just released her eye-centric Perfectly Defined collection, her eighth beauty book Everything Eyes has hit the shelves, and she recently launched her debut collection of eyewear—as in glasses, readers, and sunglasses. It all comes together in the final third of her new tome, a section called "Hey, Four-Eyes," dedicated to makeup for glasses-wearers.

Bobbi is the first makeup artist to delve into the world of opticals, a partnership with Safilo Group, offering a unique approach to frame shopping and, of course, getting made up beneath the lenses. For any girl that has ever used glasses as a replacement for makeup, read on.

It all begins with choosing the right frames. Bobbi has developed a three step system for the process, beginning with two pretty standard pieces for glasses shopping: Decide on a style you love (trend, modern, classic, or sport), then examine your face shape (round, heart, square, or oval). Bobbi suggests you select frames that balance your face shape by looking for contrast: Heart-shapes should avoid top-heavy frames, while square faces can benefit from the softness of round styles.

The make-up artist perspective comes into play with Bobbi's third step: Consider color. Her collection of eyewear is organized by color palette, much like cosmetics, broken down to nude/blush, neutral, tonal, and contrast frames, all of which can be employed for different results.

Once you've found frames you love, Bobbi has a ton of tips for looking your best in glasses. Here are three of our favorites:
· The glass in your frames can highlight undereye discoloration—corrector and concealer are key
· Strong frames can get away with stronger makeup
· Try an eyeshadow base hue that's a shade lighter than your frame color, go a few shades darker for the crease, and finish with black liner and mascara
More basic tips and brilliant breakthroughs are available in the book, which also offers a handful of tutorials for those with and without specs.
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