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Eric Cantor's Campaign Spent $724 on Cufflinks

Photo via Getty.
Photo via Getty.

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Talk about embarrassing. After House majority leader Eric Cantor's surprising and shocking defeat last night in the Republican primary, NBC 4 reporter Scott MacFarlane has taken to tweeting out a series of expenditures from Cantor's campaign. They go a little something like this.

Just what else did Cantor's campaign spend copious amounts of money on? Three of the below are reportedly true, and two, we have made up.

1) Eric Cantor's campaign catered its meetings at that bastion of liberalism, Whole Foods, per campaign filings. Don't they know they have chia seeds and coconut water there?

2) Eric Cantor's campaign spent $500 on soy wax candles. Because no one smells fresh when they've been buckling down and chugging Starbucks all night long.

3) Eric Cantor's campaign spent $724 on cufflinks from the US House gift shop. He knows they are there, and that's what is important.

4) Eric Cantor's campaign spent $2,000 on The Fault in Our Stars tickets. Time to cry about something else now.

5) Eric Cantor's campaign spent $139 on iTunes downloads in April. When you're bored, nothing will perk you up like the new Veronica Mars movie, or Beyoncé's fifth studio album, Beyoncé.

The answers are 1) True, 2) We wish, 3) True, 4) Not that we know of, and 5) True.
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