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Kit Harington's Jimmy Choo Ads Are Nice, But His Abs Are Nicer

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Jimmy Choo did a smart thing and signed Game of Thrones star Jon Snow Kit Harington for its fall ads and the brand's new Man fragrance (more like maaaaaay-an, amirite??)

Here's Sandra Choi, Jimmy Choo's creative director and the person we are most jealous of right now, saying nice things about him: "Kit has an innate confidence and projects a playfully rebellious nature. He has an overtly masculine style that feels effortlessly cool, and a great sense of humor, and beneath that intensity he is a true gentleman." What she was actually thinking: Abs. Abs, abs, abs. Hair.

Here's the fragrance commercial, which is pretty ridiculous—as fragrance commercial typically are—but there are multiple brooding shots and at one point he caresses a model's leg!

Still, it seems like one minute and 32 seconds of a missed shirtless opportunity on Choo's part.

Because have you

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