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Playboy, Terry Richardson Go Together Like Peas, Carrots

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At least Playboy doesn't care about the multiple counts of sexual harassment that photographer Terry Richardson seems to constantly juggle. A 100-page special edition called "California Dreamin'" of four Bunnies shot around "iconic California locations" by Uncle Terry is headed to porn-stands by Valentine's Day 2015. But fans of his work can look forward to multiple previews including December 2014, the January/February 2015 issue and right now on his bog, Terry's World (super duper NSFW).

On the one hand, yuck, Terry Richardson still gets work. On the other, it's kind of nice that he and Playboy found each other again, and everything is just out in the open. No one is pretending "fashion," as one Racked editor commented. There's a tennis theme. They both love California. Duh.
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