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Dogs With Flower Crowns Is Basically a Smile Factory on Instagram

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Beards decked out with flowers was pretty interesting, but you know what's better? Puppies with flower crowns. Sweet summer, these pooches are a sight to behold. Check it:

In no way is this a new thing, but it is a cute thang.

She has all the time for this.

Coy little nugget.

No words.

This is what happy looks like. If you don't look like this, reassess your happiness.

Just right.

She's a lady.

Proportion means nothing when you're this thrilled.

Glamour shotz.

Gets this pup a modeling contract.

Go on. Try to keep a straight face.

Winner? Winner.

Do you think this puppy is self-aware enough to know it is the cutest?

Pensive pup.

I will eat it.


Aaaand nap.