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Betrayal: Kit Harington Cuts That Gorgeous Hair

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For a child of the '90s, nothing was the same after Keri Russell cut her long, beautiful ringlets into a boyish crop. The haircut was blamed for lower ratings for Felicity and resulted in general public outrage. According to People, one WB executive even went as far as to say, "Nobody is cutting their hair again on our network."

Well folks, we're in for another emotional roller coaster ride and this time, it's concerning the star-making hair of Kit Harington aka Jon Snow aka smoldering dream-hunk supreme. For his role in the upcoming sobfest Testament of Youth (a "World War I-set romantic drama"), Harington has shorn his hair and shaved his stubble. Is it a catastrophe of the most epic proportions? Peruse these sneak peeks and feel free to emote in the comments.

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