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Follow Sarah Jessica Parker's Weekend Bridesmaid Adventures

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This weekend Sarah Jessica Parker chronicled her friend Melinda's wedding on Instagram in such a way that made it clear how gracious a wedding guest she is. If only SJP could be all of our bridesmaids. She captioned the above photo, "Its wedding day for Melinda! My bridesmaid dress, stretching, releasing wrinkles and then a quick disco nap before heading towards church and a very joyous day and night. X sj"

Allow the actress to whisk you away on her bridal adventures below and head here for a post-wedding beach pic of SJP in her swimsuit.

"Can't you just picture a bride floating down this corridor? X sj"

"A lovely memento from our bride for her bridesmaids and her 'hushed' @sergenormant. And perfect for the tears I'm sure will be produced during tomorrows nuptials. X Sj"

"Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mr and Mrs James Kearns! How completely gorgeous."

"Behind the scenes, last min touches from the great @sergenormant"

"This bridesmaid x sj"

"Classic wedge"

"Perfect. The whole affair."