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Lena Dunham's Airport Style Could Be Worse

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Lena via Fame Flynet
Lena via Fame Flynet

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If you're like Lena Dunham and just shook off an Emmy's loss, you too would be in NO MOOD to deal with paparazzi while boarding a plane at LAX. But darn if you wouldn't look decently pulled-together for them. The writer/director/actress's airport style choice runs in the vein of "Kindergarten Teacher Who Made an Ill-advised All White, Everything Choice on Paint Day." Everything's alright until complementary caesar salad and orange Fanta end up in your lap during an especially bad bout of turbulence. Still, it's very Lena, and kudos to her for that.

Plus, she pulled a non-diva move and carried her own luggage, including a dress bag that looked a little too slim for her drama-filled red carpet dress.