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Miranda July's New App is Basically a Rom-Com in Waiting

Miranda July in the Somebody app film
Miranda July in the Somebody app film

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Miranda July, the artist last spotted transmitting private emails from the Rodarte sisters and Lena Dunham into the inboxes of strangers worldwide, is back at it again with the launch of the Somebody app, sponsored by Miu Miu.

The app is an exercise in verbal communication between strangers. In a nutshell, app users deliver text messages meant for a specific person into other app users' inboxes who are in close proximity to the person who was meant to receive the text message. Then, that stranger will deliver the original message to the intended recipient verbally and with the specified type of emotion. NYT's Vanessa Friedman has already endorsed it.

For a better explanation, Miu Miu commissioned a video:

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