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The World Watches While Sarah Jessica Parker Struggles to Find a Razor

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Sarah Jessica Parker seems like a very smart, lovely and talented individual. That being said, she's having some trouble finding replacement blades for this here razor. "Does anyone know where I can get replacement blades for this razor?" she asks. "Preferably on the east coast? #itbehoovesanyoneinthetristateareatobeinformative" Her hashtag game is next level.

This call for assistance went up today so there is still time to help SJP. So far the audience has contributed suggestions such as CVS, Rite Aid, Target, Costco and other obvious places. One person offered up this gem: "I'm almost 40 years old but I get mine from my dad's bathroom. They're free. I'll grab you a couple next time I'm there. He's on the east coast too."
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