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Here's Why Tommy Ton Shuttered His Groundbreaking Style Blog

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Tommy Ton via Getty
Tommy Ton via Getty

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Last week, Tommy Ton's street style blog Jak & Jil shut down. Ton posted an ominous photo on his Instagram account, and the Jak & Jil URL redirected users to, which played a slideshow of Ton's work and not much else. As it turns out, it's only a placeholder for the next project.

"What you see right now on is a temporary site that will be updated with new images, especially with my coverage of the shows this fall," Ton told Racked via email. "This temporary site will lead into a newly redesigned experience—a site whose design will enhance and highlight the new content I will be creating as well as years of existing materials."

According to Ton, the new site will fully launch in January 2015 and it won't just be centered around street style. "The new focus of my work will live on, and in addition to pushing my fashion editorial coverage further, I will be creating new content focused on the amazing relationships I've built over the years, content that will exist in a wide variety of media," Ton told Racked. "Jak & Jil will not go away entirely but will evolve into something else, and the spirit of it will remain."
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