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A Few Fun Theories About Kanye's New Head Design

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When your hair is at short as Kanye West's, giving it the drama it deserves can be challenging. While touring in Australia, Kanye managed to reinvent his look thanks to some careful shaving work by Ibn Jasper, his barber of 19 years. Now, Kanye's head features six arrows. What does it all mean? A few theories.

1. Kanye sure does love himself, and all the arrows point to his face. Look at it.
2. The cut is inspired by Aang from Avatar, who has a single arrow that runs down the center of his forehead.
3. It's meant to resemble a compass rose, as an homage to his daughter North West whose name is a combination of two cardinal directions.
4. Chevron patterns will be a big trend for fall, and Kanye would like to get ahead of the curve.