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Sears's Drive Thru Service Has Employees Literally Running

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Sears just announced an addition to their In-Vehicle Pickup service that no one knew the retailer offered. The service, offered to loyalty program members only, guarantees that if shoppers need to return or exchange items, they no longer have to take the time to actually walk into a Sears store.

Thanks to a mobile app and Sears's "genius" digital strategy, shoppers can schedule a return or exchange online and then, when they arrive at the store, use the app to alert Sears that they're parked and waiting for assistance. The app will then start a five-minute timer that counts down the seconds until an employee makes it to the car, as the service is guaranteed to keep customers waiting for no more than five minutes. Unfortunately, the press release did not address what happens in the event that the timer goes off before an employee reaches the car.
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