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One Fashion Line Actually Grilled Models on the Runway

Anrealage SS15. Image via Getty
Anrealage SS15. Image via Getty

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Japanese design house Anrealage debuted its collection yesterday, on the opening day of Paris Fashion Week. According to the AP, the young brand set up a runway gimmick to make its mark that involved burning designs onto models' clothes during the live show. Reporter Thomas Adamson recounted the scene:

Several models in plain black and white trapeze-silhouettes, and stencil-like cotton and lace outer-garments, walked into a "grill" area, where they stopped to be heated up by intense beam lighting. When they walked off stiffly, in plate-bottom stilettos, the audience applauded on seeing rippled "grill" patterns that had been imprinted on the parts of the techno-fabric exposed.

Getty recorded the whole process, from during the grilling:

To after the grilling:

There were even grill imprints were left on this model's leg:

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