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25 Cardigans That Don't Suck

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Sometimes you can't commit to a pull-over sweater. It's just too permanent, warmth-wise, for fussy early fall with its pendulum-swing daily temperatures. The open-front sweater, then, is the obvious answer, but so many of these garments called "cardigan" are just horrendous: terrible pearlized buttons! Senseless fine-gauge knits lending zero warmth! Unflattering lengths! (Blame James Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan, who got really famous after some victorious battles in the Crimean War and guess what he was wearing.)

We present for your consideration 25 open-front sweaters that don't suck, including a hunter green cashmere-blend style from Uniqlo and a leather-trim Vince buy that's sturdy enough to stand in for a jacket.

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