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Anthropologie Mini-Malls Keep Shoppers Entertained for Hours

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Image via Anthropologie
Image via Anthropologie

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Over the next five years, Urban Outfitters, Inc. plans to roll out 25 to 50 new Anthropologie stores that will be three times larger than the retailer's current stores. Inside that space, Anthropologie hopes to keep customers entertained for hours by "creating an atmosphere where shoppers can hang out," according to a Bloomberg report.

That atmosphere could include restaurants, salon blowouts, and expanded merchandise in the wedding, home furnishings, beauty, and lingerie categories. There also will be shops within the larger Anthropologie shop that promote their other brands, including BHLDN and Terrain. Based on focus groups who have tested the new store format, the company reported that shoppers are likely to spend about two to three hours inside the new stores as opposed to the hour-long stay inside current stores. Anthropologie is aiming to double its sales by 2020 under this new retail strategy.
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