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Rick Owens Explains His Runway Penile Show

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

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Rick Owens stands by his FW15 men's collection in the wake of the post-show internet explosion due to some NSFW runway looks. WWD reports that the exposed clothing was borne out of Owens's desire to create a more accepting culture for male nakedness. "I pass classical marble statues of nude and draped figures in the park every day, and they are a vision of sensuality — yes, but also of grace and freedom," Owens said. "As a participant in one of our most progressive aesthetic arenas, am I not allowed to use this imagery? Is it only appropriate for a Michael Fassbender movie? I thought this might be an interesting question."

This type of runway show isn't completely out of line for Owens's. According to Vox, Owens has always played with complex themes of sexuality in his shows. Besides, female nudity has long been a staple on the runway (usually without causing a single headline); Owens's show was partially an attempt to even the playing field.
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