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Blake Lively Names Baby Girl After Lovely Shade of Purple

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Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

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A tweet written by a person who claims to work at the Westchester Medical Center has confirmed that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds's bundle of hotness is a little girl named Violet. The name is the 75th most popular name of 2014 and is sure to inspire a purple-filled feature on Preserve. The revealing tweet has been deleted but read, "Congrats @blakelively #blakelively glad to have you and baby girl violet in our care."

Update: Shortly before deleting her Twitter account entirely, user Kim Banksy tweeted, "I think I'm in trouble," which seems to be a fair assessment of her situation. Page Six is reporting that the baby is indeed girl, but her name may not be Violet.

2/3/2014: Update: Ryan Reynolds has confirmed that he and Blake Lively did not name their daughter Violet. He said, "No that's not the name. I don't want to get into that but I don't know where that came from." Unfortunately, the hunk did not mention his daughter's actual name. Other purple possibilities include Periwinkle, Lavender, and Lilac.

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