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Nary a Girls Star Can Escape Lena Dunham's Wandering Tongue

A repulsed Shoshanna looks on. Photo: Getty Images
A repulsed Shoshanna looks on. Photo: Getty Images

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You're at the American Museum of Natural History celebrating the fourth season of HBO's Girls under a giant whale. Lena Dunham wants to take a picture with you. Yes! Lena Dunham. A picture. You. You huddle together and smile like friends do. Then you feel it. Lena's bare tongue on your bare cheek. Saliva pressed on face. What's she trying to tell you? Is this how Lena expresses her love? Is it boredom? Is the tongue her tipsy move of choice?

No matter. At least this little girl, photobombing with aplomb, cares not about Lena's meandering tongue. This is probably a metaphor: