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Crucial Update

Halloween Costumes 2015: The Best Meme-Based Ideas

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Dressing up as a meme from the year for Halloween is risky business: If the meme exploded too long ago, then it can look more out of touch than funny. If the meme only made rounds in certain corners of the internet, the majority of your fellow party goers will have no idea what's going. But if you hit the sweet spot of timeliness and popularity, you can count on high-five after high-five from fellow users of a crazy thing called the internet.

Ideas catalogued above span from easy to dangerous, figurative to expensive. You can paint the Snapchat update's rainbow vomit onto your face and impress your followers with your homemade Halloween snap-story. While it may seem slightly terrifying, it's 100% genius, and this vlogger will hold your hand through the process. To dazzle your tech friends, consider this DIY rose gold iPhone costume, aka bros gold costume, which requires little more than a sandwich board and metallic spray paint.

Fair warning for those attempting the "Netflix and Chill" costume: you may want to consider a replacement for the "chill" portion, simply so you do not get frostbitten. Carrying a full bag of ice around in late-October is one way to ensure Halloween will not be fun for you. If all else fails, just be Kim Davis. You have plenty of "do your job" memes to choose from.

For those who aren't dressing up for Halloween, enjoy this retrospective of the memes that dominated Instagram and Twitter last year, organized from most-recent to throwback.