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Crucial Update

Nicki Minaj Casually Endorsed Amy Schumer's HBO Special, Making It Even More Badass

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

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Fact: Amy Schumer is the woman to be right now. So it was only fitting that she started her one hour HBO special last night by acknowledging the whirlwind. "This has been an insane year for me," she said, setting a half drunk white wine bottle on a stool.

Amy then spent the next hour doing her thing, hitting on everything from body image and UTIs to the sometimes tragic reality of dating. It was like every FML story - but better told. There was the time she dated a sex addict. "At first it's so much fun," she said. "You're like am I the hottest piece of ass in the world? And then you're like he would F a mailbox."

And as for the pressure to be thin in Hollywood: "My arms register as legs. And my legs register as firewood."

It was the particular brand of too real, so good comedy that's won Amy an Emmy, contract renewals, and Instagram cameos with J-Law (that moment here). But on this night Amy would win something far, far better than gold trophies and #SquadGoals, because on this night her humor would be acknowledged via Twitter by human approval matrix Nicki Minaj.

And with that, Amy Schumer was anointed, what's good. Her response sort of said it all...