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Crucial Update

Channing Tatum Dressed as Winnie the Pooh to Haunt Your Dreams

Angela Weiss/Getty Images

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Today a perfectly attractive man named Channing Tatum decided it was time to teach you a lesson. It was about getting comfortable with the status quo—so much so that you begin to take things for granted. And just like that you become one of those people who just expect the hunky slabs-of-man-beef you know and love to show up places looking like their hunky selves.

Hunks aren't a given. At any moment, if they so choose, they can slip into a terrifying Halloween costume and erase everything you thought to be true. It appears that for the purposes of this lesson, Channing Tatum has chosen to impersonate your favorite childhood bear, Winnie the Pooh. Do you see his point?

We do, Channing. We swear we will never take your hotness for granted again.