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Crucial Update

Ariana Grande and Her Mom Call Out Magazine Stand's Sexism

Getty Images / [Gilbert Carrasquillo]

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Parents versus magazine stands: when will it end?

Ariana Grande's mom Joan Grande took to Twitter this past weekend to call out sexism in the way magazines are sold, particularly the distinction between what's labeled "Men's Interest" and "Women's Interest" at an unnamed stand. In her post, tabloids like The Enquirer and outdoor adventure magazines like Outside (which semi-regularly features female athletes on the cover) stand out as categorized by gender.

Previously outspoken about licking donuts, Ariana soon swooped in to back her mom up, saying men also read Vogue and women read Forbes. The entire tweet-storm is included below.

Joan — that's Mrs. Grande to you — served the magazine stand a hard, multimedia left hook:

And Ari piled on, making sure the magazine stand was down for the count.

Ariana's mom is just looking out for her 225K Twitter followers. Sexism stands no chance against the power of feminist moms.