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Startup Offers Pregnant Employees $2,000 Stipend for Maternity Clothes

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Maternity clothing is a necessary evil. Simply put, they are often pricey items that are only needed for a limited amount of time. Utah startup company Domo is helping their employees combat this hurdle by offering expectant mothers $2,000 in gift cards to places like Nordstrom, A Pea in the Pod, and Asos, Fortune reports. Domo CEO's Josh James implemented the benefit after his assistant became pregnant and he witnessed the difficulties she faced in trying to maintain a professional wardrobe, according to Fortune.

While companies like Netflix are able to offer unlimited paid leave after a pregnancy, a younger company like Domo can't offer those types of benefits. Domo only offers a month of full paid leave, but is using the stipend as a way to reflect a commitment to pregnant employees that's within the company's means. One employee calls the benefit "life changing." Fortune reports that five or six employees have taken advantage of the benefit so far.