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Crucial Update

Cate Blanchett Thinks 'Wellness' Is a Marketing Scam

Jack Taylor/Getty Images

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Lest her perfect skin and general gorgeousness fool you, Cate Blanchett is a slave to nobody's insufferable beauty buzzword — especially one that tends to conjure up images of $13 green juice and increasingly overcomplicated legging styles.

When The Cut asked the actress "what wellness means to her," Blanchett did not schill out the usual, "Oh, just really getting in touch with my me, y'know?" Instead, she gave the same answer you would give if asked: "I don't know. Wellness is an invented word for being healthy," she replied. "Wellness isn't a term I use; I feel like it's a marketing term."

You and Cate Blanchett are correct. Let us all come together in mutual agreement that the word "wellness" is effectively meaningless, and retire it altogether. And while we're at it, let's throw $13 green juice in there, too.