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Crucial Update

Rihanna's Nipple Ring Is on Trend Again at Paris Fashion Week

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

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In trends that no one really saw coming because of Instagram's pesky rules about nip slips: the nipple ring. Aggressive, we know. But you can reluctantly thank Rihanna and Bella Hadid who both showed up to last night's party celebrating Vogue Paris' 95th anniversary sporting visible under-dress nipple ring-age.

Rihanna, who's had her nipple ring for quite some time, played it cool, wearing a super-sheer nightgown-gown that hinted at the existence of a less delicate ring beneath. And per usual model and sometimes Olympic hopeful Bella just put it all out there in Balmain. Fellow nipple-ring-bearer Kendall Jenner was also in attendance, yet less exposed.

As for what this means for all those who don't subscribe to the Christian Grey school of accessorizing? Fact is, there's only a few women in the fashion universe badass enough to pull this off in a convincing way but something tells us that #freethenipple isn't going away soon.