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Crucial Update

Miley Cyrus' Opening Monologue for SNL Was a Vibey Ode to Summer '15

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This weekend Saturday Night Live enlisted Miley Cyrus to electrically shock us into the realization that summer is over and TV is back. Miley's no stranger to the host game. She's someone who can be counted on for well-placed nipple covers and open displays of crying during her song about dead pets.

In the spirit of consistency, girl brought it from the beginning. For the opening monologue Miley stepped on stage dressed like a pretty floral Muppet to sing a raspy rendition of My Way, while the cast cycled through the summer's most forgettable moments.

In the mix: the dentist who shot Cecil the Lion, Pizza Rat, and the Drake/Meek Mill feud. Oh who could forget, Lenny Kravitz' junk. It's a little bittersweet and a lot of what we're not going to miss about the summer. K. Thanks. Bye, Josh Duggar.