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Crucial Update

Kylie Jenner Threw a Halloween Party and Invited Her Sister's Former Boss


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Can someone please remind us all about Paris Hilton? Who is she? What does she do? What has she been doing? Well, the heiress to the Hilton fortune turned fashion designer turned musician turned resident Ibiza DJ has been keeping busy here and there. Halloween, is of course, no exception.

Last night, newly adulted adult Kylie Jenner did some adulating by throwing a massive Halloween party in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. Among the attendees were someone called Claudia Jordan, Kylie's tween-adult friends, and none other than Paris Hilton.

Just in case you need a history lesson, Kylie's older sister Kim Kardashian first started gaining traction as the subservient assistant to The Heiress. Kim did everything from make cameos in Paris' show The Simple Life to massage her feet. Luckily, karma worked its charms and one of these ladies landed a Vogue cover and the continued following of millions, and it's not Paris.

Paris decided to opt for an interpretation of Jane Fonda's Barbarella to the 18-year-old's bash, while Kim was busy being herself.