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Crucial Update

Prince Harry's Heartfelt Hug Is Today's Melt-Your-Face Moment


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People with hearts: Today, Prince Harry, your O.G. dream future husband, brought it in a big way. By big, we mean the following photos of his royal emotionally vulnerable hotness welcoming home wounded Afghanistan veterans will melt your face. Proceed with caution.

Here's how Harry masterfully executed a full on swoon-fest. First, he showed up looking like the boyish handsome Prince we know and love, with a little less untamed ginger scruff and a lot more awww hot.

Via Getty Image

Via Getty Image

Next, he met a group of wounded British soldiers who had just returned from an "epic" 1000-mile, 72-day walk across Britain. At some point, wounded veteran Kirstie Ennis presented Harry with a dog tag in memory of a fellow soldier killed in a bombing. And then this happened:

Via Getty Image

Via Getty Image

Note that the next-level heartwarming hug would make Notebook author Nicholas Sparks want to break out his feathered quill. Honestly, Harry, we'd walk a really long way to get a hug like this from you. The fact that it went to a woman who actually deserves a royal hug (and then some) makes it all the better.

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