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Crucial Update

Justin Bieber Helpfully Explains What Sudoku Is

Tony Barson/Getty Images

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Sudoku, the most popular game of 2005, hasn't really been a relevant topic of conversation since, well, 2005. But thanks to one Justin Bieber, teens and pop culture–attuned moms everywhere may soon be resurrecting the Japanese puzzle craze.

Today, Instagram gave us an elusive peek into Justin's morning routine; namely, that it involves "at least one" game of Sudoku. If you weren't already aware of the game's concept, don't worry — Justin Bieber is here to explain:

I wake up every morning and do at least one sudoku. The right of your brain controls your creativity and the left is more calculation and problem solving. I'm trying to make sure I'm working both sides because I don't use my left side nearly enough, all I ever wanna do is be creative.

He ends on a message of positivity: "Challenge yourself even if it is a stupid little sudoku, or if you aren't challenged creatively try and write poems, or a story. #bethebestyoucanbe #challengeyourself."