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Goop's Gift Guide Is Here With $820 Incense Burners and Consciously Uncoupled Keychains

Photo: Apparatus

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It's Goop Gift Guide time and this year the lifestyle site is trying to top last year's $4,379 juicer. "We’ll see your gold-plated juicer, and raise you a pair of 18-karat gold dumbbells," the guide reads as the intro for the "Ridiculous (and Awesome)" section.

Sure enough, the Ridiculous section has a $244 chrome plated toothpaste squeezer, the aforementioned $125,000 gold dumbells, a $42 condom dispenser, and an "actually amazing" $195 gold facial massager.

The guide is helpfully divided to zero in on the people you're shopping for: kids, travelers, dudes, people who work too much, and more shopping archetypes. There's also a list called "For the Centered Soul," along with the description: "From beautifully turned-out tarot cards, to a really pretty incense burner, to some good old white sage, everything to make the modern-day hippy happy is right here." The incense burner is very striking, which it should be since it retails for $820.

There are options for the Goop holiday shopper on a budget though. There's Secret Santa section with cute Goop-y things for under $50 or you could pick up a Gwyneth-approved "Consciously Uncoupled" keychain for just $15.