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Crucial Update

Zola Is Launching a T-Shirt Line

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The world was introduced to Zola three weeks ago as the Twitter user with a simultaneously horrifying and enthralling story of all time. But soon, Zola could be forever synonymous with t-shirts. Specifically, t-shirts that say #HOEISM.

Today's massive Rolling Stone profile of Zola (real name: Aziah Wells) included tons of background details on the story, including the fact that she'd made up Jarrett's attempted suicide and Z shooting the pimp, and that she'd posted the story twice before, but no one had read it. She also mentioned she'd totally be down to do a reality show.

But it isn't until the very last paragraph when the magazine mentions that Zola is currently working on a line of t-shirts emblazoned with her most-repeated catchphrase, "hoeism." In the Instagram post above, she models them herself, but warns her followers that they're "just prototypes."