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Crucial Update

Hannah Bronfman Might Be the Next Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Rookie

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Hannah Bronfman, one of those multi-hyphenate women of a certain moment who are often obliquely summarized as It girl, is trying out for the Sports Illustrated "Swimsuit Issue." The New York native announced this potential next step in her modeling career, which would entail gazelle-ing in a bikini on a beach or a zero gravity space chamber like so many before her, with the above Instagram. She wears a tasteful one piece. SI also shot a short video that covers her likes (the "right amount" of chest hair) and dislikes (kissing on the first date) via the patented emoji response method.

Bronfman may or may not have made the final cut (she is one among many in the magazine's "Casting Call" feature), but feel free to play "Spot Hannah's Torso" in this creepy video of the headless, faceless finalists. The issue debuts in February.