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Crucial Update

Liam Hemsworth Carried Jennifer Lawrence's Purse Up the Great Wall of China

Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

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One more reason star in a movie with Liam Hemsworth: When the two of you are sent on a fabulous world tour that allows you a pit stop at Great Wall of China, he'll carry your purse.

Last night during an on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote the final Hunger Games movie, he shared a photo of himself and co-star Josh Hutcherson on the Great Wall wearing matching panda hats (Liam's defense: "It was cold") and carrying a Valentino purse.

"Jen didn't want to carry her handbag anymore," he says, "which is ... y'know, like Jen. So I carried her handbag." Seems just like something Gale would've done for Katniss (except Gale's good deed probably would have included more violence).

Of the actual Great Wall, he says this: "A lot of hard work was put into that wall, and I respect it. We couldn't see very far because of the smog, so we could've been on any small, brick-laid bridge."