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Crucial Update

Kate Middleton and Prince William Gleefully Rappel Down Plywood

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

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For some celebrity couples, the secret to a happy marriage is starring in very sad, beautiful movies together. For others, it's saying nothing when your spouse chooses to wear the worst hat of all time. For Kate Middleton and Prince William, it's rappelling.

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During a visit to the Towers Residential Outdoor Education Center in Capel Curig, U.K. today, the royal couple tested out some of the center's activities themselves. Though the organization mainly serves children, Kate and Will were all too happy to channel their inner George and Charlotte for the day.

It's also one of those rare instances where Kate Middleton wore something other than somber coats and royal blue dresses, and instead deigned to enter the realm of fashion's sportiest buzzword, athleisure. In a ponytail, red windbreaker, hiking boots and leggings — leggings! — she rappelled down an angled board:

Did Kate Middleton enjoy this activity? Well, there was some initial terror.

But it would appear that yes, Kate Middleton enjoyed rappelling.

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