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Crucial Update

Ariana Grande's Grandma Was the Cutest Part of the AMAs

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

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Ariana Grande's grandmother, a.k.a. Nonna Grande, is more than your average celebrity grandma. For one, she's a recurring character in Ariana's Instagram, and is one of her regular red carpet dates. She was also possibly the best part of tonight's American Music Awards, even beating out Meghan Trainor's makeout session and Nicki Minaj's rolodex of displeased faces.

When Paula Abdul announced that Ariana had won the award for Favorite Female Artist, it was Nonna who had the cutest reaction face of the evening:


Then, when Ariana took the stage, she revealed that Nonna even voted for her to win the award, New York accent and all: "I think I owe a lot of this to my Nonna," she said during her speech, "who made sure to remind me that she voted. She goes, 'Ariana I went on the computer and I voted, so I think you'll win!'"

Also, she may have unintentionally photobombed this snap of Skrillex and Diplo dabbing, but she did so like a pro.