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Crucial Update

Katy Perry's H&M Christmas Commercial Is Doing a Whole Lot


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While the rest of the world was stampeding each other for a shot at Balmain x H&M, Katy Perry was busy practicing to star in brand's holiday campaign. Though the print ads, which featured Perry wearing various H&M holiday items emblazoned with sayings like "Elfie Selfie," debuted earlier this month, last night the world got a first look at the actual commercial, as well as her first-ever Christmas song.

Let's table the shocking revelation that Katy Perry has never recorded a holiday song for a moment and instead focus on the insanity of this commercial. For one, it starts like this:

And only gets weirder from there.

There's also waving.

Lots of waving.

And Left and Right Shark were replaced by Left and Right Teddy Bear:

At one point this terrifying little boy shows up, never to be seen again.

Although most of the most memorable facial expressions are Katy Perry's own.


Even more horrifying, however, is this animatronic polar bear:

For real though, what is happening here.

Literally what.

Watch the whole thing below.