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Crucial Update

Chris Hemsworth Handsome Enough to Impress Indifferent LA Restaurant Hostesses

Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

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Chris Hemsworth possesses the kind of handsomeness that transcends fame. At least that's the thesis of a new Vanity Fair profile, which includes a tidbit suggesting that the middle Hemsworth brother's handsomeness is so acute that it leaves Los Angeles restaurant hostesses — whose sole profession is to judge handsomeness, apparently — speechless.

After a lengthy meditation on Hollywood's most handsome actors, Lili Anolik comes to the conclusion that Chris Hemsworth is number one. Channing Tatum? Too beefcake-y. Bradley Cooper is that guy who was slightly out of your league in college. Ryan Gosling and Jake Gyllenhaal play too many oddballs and loners. Tom Hardy is "spooky-skeezy."

And then there's this anecdote where Anolik takes Hemsworth to fancy Malibu restaurant Geoffrey's, which only serves to prove this theory:

The hostess stand at Geoffrey's faces the valet, and the girls manning it — L.A. girls, jaded girls, girls who can do blasé with both hands tied behind their backs, girls who make it their business, their style, to be unimpressed — stopped breathing as he approached. When he got close, he smiled.

That smile, by the way, "makes everything worse."