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Louis Vuitton Releases Its Most Expensive Leather Handbag

Photo: Pierre Suu/Getty Images

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Louis Vuitton is no stranger to luxury, but the brand has outdone itself with its latest bag release. The label has released a version of its City Steamer bag made out of crocodile skin that clocks in at a jaw-dropping $55,500. While Louis Vuitton has technically released special-edition handbags that cost more, they were released in limited quantities and made out of solid gold, egg shells, and trash (Literally).

As far as handbags made out of traditional materials go, this crocodile skin City Steamer is Louis Vuitton's most expensive, according to PurseBlog. The bag is $1,000 more than the next most expensive LV bag, the Dora PM in crocodile. As PurseBlog notes, the offering is a natural evolution for the label, which has been trying to expand its range of exclusive and high-level offerings in an attempt to steal luxury shoppers away from labels like Hermès.

The bag is currently available, but you'll have to call LV (or have your assistant do it, we presume) to purchase one.