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Crucial Update

Gwen Stefani Wears Black on Black Friday in Disneyland


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Since overcoming her culturally appropriative fetishization of Japan's Harajuku Girls and forgoing her offensive wearing of the bindi prior to that, ex-No Doubt singer, The Voice judge Gwen Stefani has really come into her own sartorially. She just looks so cool and put together all the time after finding what really works for her.

Stefani (and the paparazzi who bought a ticket to follow her) spent the day at the Disneyland in Los Angeles on that day after Thanksgiving where people usually beat each other up over a dishwasher. Joining her were her children Kingston (not Jamaica), Apollo (not 12, 13, et al), and Zuma (perhaps named after the South African president with an estimated 20 children).

She wore a seasonally appropriate leather jacket, a striped black and white t-shirt with a black turtleneck, distressed blue jeans and red wedge sneakers. By description, it sounds weird, but it looks right on her. You do you, Gwen.